Redefining Dementia & Parkinsons One Step At A Time

The Problem

Imagine if one morning you woke up and you could no longer use your legs. Your legs are there, you can see that, and the muscles work, but your brain just can’t remember how to make them work. Sadly this is a reality for millions of dementia and parkinsons patients worldwide patients.

The Solution

With Magic Lines we have the opportunity to change the lives of millions with Magic Leap and Mixed Reality. The patent pending discovery in 2018 by Tom Finn whose Father Nigel suffers from the disease found that if we put simple coloured lines on the floor the brain changes the neural pathways and allows muscle signals to go a different route. Magic Lines can help loved ones walk again.

About Dementia

Dementia causes ‘plaque’ buildup on the brain and consequently stops certain brain receptors receiving or transmitting the correct signals. By re-routing these signals with simple coloured lines or patterns on the floor and surfaces around the patient we are able to exercise the brain helping with plaque build up and extending the mobility period of patented potentially for the rest of their lives. After the discovery we realised that a headset would allow the possibility to scan and interact with the environment of the user giving them full mobility beyond their own house and familiar areas.

The Team

When hearing about the discovery the team @ Apache developed the initial alpha AR application to test in a HoloLens headset.

Tom Finn

The Inventor Tom found that putting simple coloured lines on the floor could help his wheelchair bound father re-gain the power of walking.

David Foster

David our CTO, from Apache built the alpha version of the magic lines hololens app pro-bono to give Nigel the power of walking again.

Rupert Barksfield

Rupert our COO put the team together in order to help the lives of thousands of others out there with a workable mixed reality device.

Whats next?

We are raising funds and awareness to build this incredible breakthrough into a mixed / augmented reality headset and help not only Nigel in our video but tens of thousands of sufferers throughout the world. If you'd like to help or know someone in need please do contact us

Our Partners

This project is becoming a reality (real not mixed) with help from:

We need You

Every 65 seconds someone in the US has developed dementia, so in the time it has taken you to read this there are more people we can help. If you are interested in this product either for a loved one or as a benefit for your company please get in touch.

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